Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I Know it is Spring But...

I know it is now officially spring, but these two designs continue to whisper my name and I have the fabric and all the fibers so they might jump to the head of my Must Stitch Now line.

I've played with the feeders in the backyard this winter and the Juncos in particular have enjoyed and partaken in the two bark butter feeders, and the suet cylinder and suet ball feeders. I've also had action from a Hairy Woodpecker, Song Sparrows, Towhees, and Steller's Jays.   

But the other day my two male Acorn Woodpeckers came around to check out the feeders.

I did not manage to get to my camera until one bird (Dad Bird) had flown away leaving his son behind to scope things out.

Truly I cannot tell the two males apart, but this guy just looks like a young bird to me, so that's what I'm going with.

"Whatever!", he says.  

Monday, March 19, 2018

Does He Look Sad?

Do you think he looks sad?  I think he might be as I did not manage to get him finished by March 17th.  Oh well, I'll keep plugging away.

My Dad had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday.  You can see how well we are going keeping cat hair and dander away from the wound.  

Friday two Tom Turkeys showed up following a trio of hens.

By late in the day only one Tom remained. 

He came by again on Saturday.

And he pulled up a couple dozen plastic plant tags in our mudroom flowerbed - so that will be a joy, trying to put the tags back with the correct plants.

I saw him again Sunday morning, but he was at the edge of our small pine planting and so disappeared from view - and that's just fine with me!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday's Hummers

I swear I saw a male Rufous the other day, but now I'm doubting myself as I've not seen one since.

My latest count for the Anna's is three females and two males.

There may yet be more birds than that as I'm filling the feeders a couple of times a week now.

Just trying to keep everyone happy.

Including you, handsome guy.

Back to the ladies.

This one decided to have a bath...

Fluttering at the edge...

About to dive in...


Time for a snack.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday's Critters

Lots of critter photos this week.

Chippy on the woodpile by the house.

On the woodpile down by the big bird feeder.

The blanket is wiggling - I kid you not!


Not the best place to stash sunflower seeds buddy as Parvati likes to catch sunrays resting on the blanket.  

David the Douglas Squirrel.

Also on the woodpile next to the house.

He's a little cutie.

Going down...

Hanging on... 

Water flows down the sides of this fountain and he has figured out
how to drink from there.

See his tongue?

Pretty cute.

Big Gray continues to test my generosity.

Gorging at an All You Can Eat Sunflower Seed Buffet.

I think he is pleading his case...

He looks innocent.

Finally, I am seeing a bunny every once in a while.

Bunny #1.

Bunny #2.

The deer are here most days...

...so often I don't bother with photos

Four of the six in the backyard.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Flash Back Friday

As some of you are still dealing with snow, I thought I'd show off a snowman I stitched clear back in 2009. 

Am very,very, very pleased with this EWe & Eye & Friends finish. 
The floss color choices, the fabric, the stitch selection.
All first rate!

Above - Rhodes stitch on top of hat
Eyelet in center of snowflake on the left

Above -Smyrna stitches for eyes and mouth
Eyelet stitches for pink cheeks

Above - Satin stitch for scarf
Smyrna stitches for the body of snowman.
Now enough of the snow already - on with spring!

Blurry terrible shot of a Violet-green Swallow. I wonder when they'll begin house hunting.

The male California Quail are strutting their stuff.

They perch atop a clump of blackberry vines and call out "Work-work-woork!"

After a couple of months AWOL, I saw my pair of ravens and thrillingly the second raven had a twig in his/her beak - nest building?

Low quality photo again, but look closely there are three Flickers.

Mourning Doves have reappeared.